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News and Events

Members of Prime University Debate Team Visited Mr. A K M Shahidul Hoque, Inspector General of Police

Members of Prime University Debate team visited Inspector General of Police, Bangladesh Police, Mr. A K M Shahidul Haque at the Police Headquarter on 5th September 2016 in a "Exchange of View Program with Debaters" which was organized by Debate for Democracy, Bangladesh.

Prime University Debate Team jointly declared Winner in the UCB Public Parliament Debate Competition

Prime University Debating Society (PUDS) was jointed declared the winner in the first round of to the prestigious national parliamentary debate competition "UCB Public Parliament Debate Competition - 2016" organized by ATN Bangla and Debate for Democracy on July 23, 2016 at the ATN Studio situated in Bangladesh Film Development Corporation in Dhaka. The topic of the debate was "Only social awareness can remove militancy." Shadowing the opposition party Prime University debate team took position against the motion while BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology (BUFT) debate team shadowed the ruling party. Both teams were declared winner as they secured same points. Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan was present as the chief guest while Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman, chairman of ATN Bangla and M A Sabur, chairman of UCB Bank were present as special guests. Hasan Ahmed Chowdhury Kiron, renowned TV personality and chairman of Debate for Democracy was present as the speaker of the mock Parliament.
Caption: Debaters of Prime University Debate team in a photo session with M. A. Sabur, Hasan Ahmed Chowdhury Kiron, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan and Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman

Seminar on "The Role of Election Commission to Establish Democracy" held at Prime University

A seminar entitled "The Role of Election Commission to Establish Democracy" was held at Prime University on 11th August 2016. Engineer Prof. Dr. M. Abdus Sobhan, Vice Chancellor of the University chaired the session while member of Board of Trustees of Prime University, Mir Shahabuddin, enlightened the session being the special guest. Treasurer, Prof. Mohammad Arshad Ali, Registrar of the University, Mohammad Abdul Jabber, Prof. Dr. Abu Saleh Abdun Noor, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Heads and faculty members of different departments were also there. Mohammad Abu Hafiz, honorable Election Commissioner of Bangladesh Election Commission was there as the keynote speaker. Seminar started by the welcome address of Md. Abu Zaman, Assistant Professor of the Department of EEE. Prof. Mohammad Arshad Ali, in his speech mentioned that being the constitutional body, election commission has paramount responsibility of establishing democracy, i.e. ensure the right of every voter to exercise their voting rights. Mir Shahabudddin, in his speech as special guest applauded the initiative of Centre for Research, HRD and Publications for arranging seminar on such decisive topic. Mentioning the tragic incident of ruthlessly killing of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, he remembered the regimes of dictators and non-democratic governments and their oppressions to the citizens and political parties. Later on, he revealed the aspiration of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman of establishing democracy in the country and urged all to take the vow of creating democratic mentality among ourselves. Eventually, the keynote Speaker introduced the audience with the meaning, forms, elements and characteristics of democracy. He also showed the comparative study of democracy prevailing in the UK, USA and India. In his paper, he exemplified the set-backs that our country suffered in the path of establishing democracy. In that context, he explained the responsibility of election commission to organize a free and fair election and the challenges to overcome agitation and violence. Finally, he ended his presentation with the aspiration that every voter should be aware of their rights and responsibilities to ensure the integrity of election. Later, a delightful question answer session took place. Chairperson of the seminar delivered his speech by collocating the contents of the speaker's speech. Finally, he gave his appreciation to the keynote speaker to deliver his presentation and CRHP to organize the program.

29 Aug

A delegation of Prime University makes courtesy call on UGC Chairman

14 Jan

Seminar on "Prospects of Nanotechnology" held at Prime University

Nanotechnology, the technology that operates in nano(one-billionth) - scale has the potential to create a wealth of new materials and manufacturing possibilities that profoundly impact our economy, environment and society. The implications of nanotechnology are wide-ranging and future applications for nanotechnology seem only to be limited by the creativity of researchers. Understanding the importance of nanotechnology in the current context, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering arranged a seminar entitled "Prospects of Nanotechnology" on 6th January 2015 at Prime University. Engineer Prof. Dr. M. Abdus Sobhan, Honorable Vice Chancellor of the University was chairing the session. Respected Pro-Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Md. Abul Hossain Sikder and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and IT, Prof. Dr. Abu Saleh Abdun Noor graced the session as the Special Guest. Honorable member of the University's Board of Trustees, Mir Shahabuddin enlightened the session being the guest of honor. Head and faculty members of different departments were also there. Seminar started by the welcome speech of the Program Coordinator, Md. Mostak Ahmed, Head of the Department of EEE. Special Guest, Professor Noor expressed his aspiration of arranging such seminar in every month from the Faculty of Engineering. Guest of Honor, Mir Shahabuddin and Special Guest, Prof. Dr. Md. Abul Hossain Sikder appreciated the effort of Faculty of Engineering and Center for Research, HRD and Publications for arranging seminar on such crucial topic. Speaker, Dr. Zahid Hasan Mahmood, Professor of the Department of EEE of Dhaka University introduced the audience with the four quadrants of his presentation, glimpses from the world, flavor of his research, dream, reality and bright future of nanotechnology. He mentioned the application of nanotechnology in nanomedicine, environment, energy sector, information and communication, construction engineering, textile, cosmetics, agriculture etc. Dr. Zahid also showed the research activities of Dhaka University and his research wing on silicon nanowire. Finally, his presentation ended with the question-answer session. Engineer Prof. Dr. M. Abdus Sobhan, Chairperson of the seminar cited his contribution towards nanotechnology research and thanked the speaker and organizer for the session. At the concluding session, Vice Chancellor of the University handed over the flower bouquet to the Speaker as a token of appreciation.

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