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Mechanisms for Implementation of Human Rights: 09A Critical Analysis in Bangladesh Perspective
Impact of In-service Training on Teacher's Professional Life
Problem of Reforming the Civil Service in Bangladesh: Abolishing Generalist Domination or Depoliticizing Administration?
Exploration of Cybercrime and Cyber Law: Growth of the State Concerns and Initiatives with Special Focus to the Context of Bangladesh
Do Men and Women Speak Differently? -An Investigation into the Linguistic Behaviour of Men and Women
Social Safety Net Programme (SSNP) at Local Level of Bangladesh: Focus on Old Age Allowance Programme (OAAP)
Effectiveness of Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers: An Empirical Study in Tangail, Gazipur and Dhaka District
Code Switching - Pragmatic Aspect in Everyday Life in Bangladesh
The Self, the Real and the Reality: A Study of Lacanian Subjectivity in R. K. Narayan's The Guide

Prime University Journal

Volume-10 Number-1