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The Prime University has built up its laboratories adequately equipped with equipments to conduct and to carry out research on different aspects.Its computer lab is equipped with more than one hundred and fifty computers to support the hands on lab practices for different computation intensive courses. The university has Network Lab, Electronics Lab, Telecommunication Lab, Physics Lab etc. All the laboratories are equipped with required numbers of equipments. The Telecommunication lab is equipped with such equipments as enable the students to engage in Telecommunication Projects, such as Analog Communication, Pulse Code Modulation, Transmit and Receiver Antenna and Microwave engineering.


Energy Conversion and Drives Lab

The Energy and Drives Lab contains electrical work station including different types of sustainable electrical machines and electrodynamometer, power electronics trainer and modern electrical motors. The aim of Energy and Drives Lab is to develop utility interfaces for renewable energy sources and high power electronics for smart power grids. High power electronics for smart power grids is a high-demand, high-challenge area for power conversion, the energy that is generated cannot be used directly. It must first be converted into electricity of the correct frequency and voltage, then sent to the utility grid, and then transmitted to the end user. Researchers in the Power Electronics and Motor Drives are developing many ways to make energy systems more efficient and more affordable

Telecommunication Lab

The objectives of Telecommunication Engineering Lab is to provide students both practical and simulation environment where they can be equipped with different features - Analog Communication (AM and FM), Digital Communication, Digital Signal Processing, Microwave Engineering Optical Communication, Cellular Communication and Mobile Telephony.Students are facilitated to know the different software tools and select the software tools suitable for each stage of a telecommunication engineering project.

Software Engineering Lab

The main objective of software Engineering Lab is to provide students on hand skilled practical environment for industrial software development so that they can learn by doing things- requirement specifications, process, software security, basics of software testing, planning of scheduled software engineering project, the basics of assessing software and evaluating the results. Students get to know the different software tools and select the software tools suitable for each stage of simulation, analysis and modeling. Software implementations are in the area of control strategies algorithms, power system design and market operation, smart grid technology with application to neural networks.

Electrical Circuits and Measurement Lab

Our Electrical Circuits and Measurement Laboratory is equipped with various transducers and instrumentation trainers; resistive, capacitive and inductive measurement systems; thermocouples and RTDs; light sources and transducers; signal transmission and conditioning systems, The lab also contains many basic electrical variables and time measurement equipments, such as signal generator, digital stopwatches, digital multi-meters and oscilloscopes. This laboratory is focused on the familiarization of different instruments, to understand the handling of different instruments, This laboratory is also focused on the measurement of the electrical and electronic parameters to understand the principle and operation of measuring instruments. The relevant laboratory works are intended to enhance the students understanding of important analytical principles developed in Electrical and Electronic Engineering by engaging them in the real-world application of these principles in the laboratory. An equally important purpose of the courses is to further develop the students laboratory practice for experimentally testing and evaluating electrical circuits and systems.

Electronics Lab

The Electronics Laboratory is equipped with sophisticated components and trainer kits of different world class vendors. It has been set up with the objective of providing facilities required for simulation, analysis and design of a wide range of analog and digital circuits and systems so as to enable a designer/engineer meet the requirements of design and development of practical circuits and projects of a wide variety. To facilitate students with a standard analytical environment, Electronics laboratory is furnished with multiple oscilloscopes and signal generators. This facility supports introductory EEE courses in analog and digital circuits and electronics with modern industry-standard equipment and software. Recent days the laboratory has been accommodating some young researcher with some standard project in the field of embedded system, control system, analog electronics and renewable energy.

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