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Professor Dr. Abu Saleh Abdun Noor

Professor Dr. Abu Saleh Abdun Noor

Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Ph.D., The Flinders University of South Australia, Australia.
M.Sc., Rajshahi University
B.Sc. (Hons.), Rajshahi University
Office : 9004957
Email :

Published 98(Ninety Eight) mathematical papers (including accepted papers) in different national and international journals. Twelve more papers have been submitted to different journals. Moreover, I have about 30(Thirty) international conference papers. Also some books and research articles are under preparation (a list of publications is given separately).Till now, Twelve students have already obtained their Ph.D degree and one has got M.Phil. degree in Mathematics under my supervision .At present, Two more students are working with me for their PhD degree who are enrolled at different Public Universities, and are expected to submit their thesis by the end of year 2013.

  • Lattice Theory (Mathematics)
  •  1. Has more than 100 publications in different National & International journals, few of them are mentioned here:

     1. W.H.Cornish and A.S.A.Noor, Bands and Modular lattices , Math , Seminar notes . 7(1979).309-326.
     2. A.S.A.Noor, Isotopes of near lattices, Bull. Austral. Math Soc. 22(1980) .472-474.
     3. W.H.Cornish and A.S.A.Noor, Standard elements in a near lattice, Bull. Austral. Math. Soc 26(1982).185-213.
     4. A.S.A.Noor and W.H.Cornish, 'Multipliers on a near lattice', Comment. Math .Univ.Carolinae.27(4)(1986).815-827.
     5. A.S.A.Noor and W.H.Cornish, 'Around a neutral element of a near lattice', Comment. Math. Univ. Carolinae. 28(2) (1987) 199-210.

     1. A.S.A.Noor,'Isotopes of near lattices', Ganit (J. Bangladesh Math. Soc) 1(1) (1981).63-72.
     2. A.S.A.Noor and M.A.Latif, 'Normal near lattices' , The Rajshahi University Studies (part B) 9(1982). 169-74
     3. A.S.A.Noor, 'n-Normal nearlattices', The Rajshahi Universities studies (part B) 10-11(1983),217-222.
     4. A.S.A.Noor, 'A ternary operation in a Medial near lattice', The Rajshahi University Studies (partB) 13(1985). 89-96
     5. A.S.A.Noor and M.B.Rahman, 'Separation properties in near lattices', The Rajshahi University studies (Part B), 22(1994), 181-188.

     Teaching experiences :
     a) i) Lecturer, University of Rajshahi , Bangladesh, From 02-09-1972 to 17-08- 1975.
     ii) Assistant Professor, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh : From 18-08- 1975 to 19-04-1982.
     iii) Associate Professor, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh From 20-04- 1982 to 11-10-1988.
     iv) Professor: University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh From 12-10-1988 to 31-12- 2007. During the period 01-01-2003 to 31-12-2007, I worked as a Professor at East West University by taking Lien from Rajshahi University. Then I took the early retirement from University of Rajshahi on 01-01-2008 to continue my job at East West University.
     v) Professor , Department of Physics, Mathematics and Statistics, East West University : From 01-01-2003 to 31-08-2005.
     vi) Professor, Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, East West University: From 01-09-2005 to 14-01-2014.
     b) Worked as a Teaching Assistant at Flinders University of S. A , Australia from 1977 to 1979 and at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland in 1986.  c) At present, teaching different undergraduate courses in Mathematics for Engineering students, and Business Mathematics for MBA students at East West University.

     Administrative Experiences:
     i) Chairperson, Department of Electronics & Communications Engineering, East West University; From :03-04-2012 to 31-12-2013.
     ii) Dean of the Faculty of science, Rajshahi University, Bangladesh: From 14-03-2002 to 31-12-2002.
     ii) Dean of the Faculty of Sciences & Engineering, East West University from 01-01-2007 to 08-12-2007.
     iii) Chairman . Department of Mathematics .Rajshahi University; From 29-02-1988 to 28-02-1991.
     iv) Chairman , Department of Population Science and Human Resource Development. Rajshahi University , Bangladesh; From 01-08-1999 to 31-07-2002.
     v) Chairperson, Department of Physics, Mathematics & Statistics, East West University; From :21-01-2003 to 20-01-2005.
     vi) Member of the Rajshahi University Senate From 1985 to 1990 and 1999 to 2004.
     vii) Treasurer, Rajshahi University Teachers Club, 1995.
     viii) Vice President, Rajshahi University Teachers Club, 2000.
     ix) Elected as a Member of Teachers Association (Two times) at Rajshahi University.
     x) Member of Academic Council, Rajshahi University, from 1982 to1984, then from 1988 to 2003. xi) Member of Academic Council, East West University, from 2003- 2005 and then from 2012 to till date.

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