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Prime University Language Institute (Proposed) is operating its committed venture in terms of disseminating language teaching on several dominating languages of the world including English, Japanese, Chinese and so on with a view to creating competent manpower in order to cope with the challenges of the 21st century. In this multilingual era, language learning has added an influential scope for flourishing an individual to his best level of knowledge to be highly worthy anywhere. Since the launching of this institute in 2007, the concerned authority of Prime University has been providing the best outcomes for the learners completing differentlanguage courses in different levels. Besides, providing excellent teaching in various languages, we are creating ample opportunities for the learners not only to get internationally acceptable certificates but also to the knowledge about job placement. We have highly qualified language professionals for different languages.

Moreover, the teachers of this institute conduct the language classes through research experiments and need analysis so that each learner can get all the potentials for developing his target language.

The vision of Prime University Language Institute (Proposed) is to accelerate students' competency through teaching different foreign languages for enhancing their employability in this competitive world.

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About us

Prime University is one of the leading private Universities of the country. A group of educationists and philanthropists has established this institute of higher studies with an aim to create knowledge based society in the year 2002. The University grants Commissions and the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh accorded permission to establish this magnificent institute.

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114/116 Mazar Road, Mirpur-1, Dhaka 1216,

PABX: +880-2-9004957, +880-2-8031810
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(Previous Address:
2A/1, North East of Darussalam Road,
Mirpur-1, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh,
since inception in 2002 to 31st January 2017)