Tanvir Ahmad Tarique

Assistant Professor

M.Sc. in ICT (ongoing),


Tanvir Ahmad Tarique

Artificial Intelligence, VLSI

  • Bhadra D. Tarique T. A., Ahmed S. U., Shahjahan M. and Murase K., "An Encoding Technique for Design and Optimization of Combinational Logic Circuit", 13thInternational Conference on Computer & Information Technology (ICCIT 2010) at AUST- Dhaka, IEEE Conference Publications, December 2010
  • Tarique T. A., Zamee M. A. and Khan M. I., "A New Approach for Pattern Recognition with Neuro-Genetic System Using Microbial Genetic Algorithm ", 1stInternational Conference on Electrical Engineering and Information Communication Technology (ICEEICT 2014) at MIST- Dhaka, IEEE Conference Publications, February 2014
  • Khan M. I., Mondol R.K., Zamee M.A. and Tarique T. A., "Hardware Architechture Design of Anemia Detecting Regression Model Based on FPGA", 3rdInternational Conference on Informatics, Electronics & Vision (ICIEV 2014) at DU- Dhaka, IEEE Conference Publications, May 2014

World University of Bangladesh
Position: Lecturer (Dept. of EEE)
Job Tenure: 4 years.