Aysha Alam Talukder

Assistant Professor

M A in Applied Linguistics & ELT, University of Dhaka

B.A(Hons) in English, University of Dhaka

Aysha Alam Talukder

Linguistics and ELT, Curriculum and Material Development, Socio and Psycho Linguistics

  • "Writing Behavior of ESL Learners of the Tertiary Level: A Study on Prime University", Prime University Journal, Volume-8, Number-2, July-December 2014, ISSN-1995-5332)
  • "Code Switching-Progmatic Aspects in Everyday Life in Bangladesh", Prime University Journal, Volume-10, Number-1, January-July 2016, ISSN-1995-5332)

  • 4 years as Lecturer in English in the Dept. of English at Prime University
  • 2 years as English Teacher at Summerfield Int'l School, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
  • 6 months as Coordinator at ExpoNet Exhibition Pvt. Ltd., Dhaka